Simple ways to declutter your kitchen pantry

Independent research, commissioned by The Kitchen Collective, has revealed that over half of Australians (58 per cent) believe the kitchen is the busiest room of their house, and 41 per cent feel it’s the room most in need of a clean.

Chelsea Smith, the woman behind Melbourne-based decluttering service The Organising Platform, makes the daunting task of decluttering simple, helping people regain control of their home with realistic organising strategies.

After several years working in the corporate world, Chelsea decided to follow her passion of helping people simplify and organise their lives, while creating intentional homes.

“One of the biggest mistakes people often make when organising their home is to skip the first step – declutter!,” said Chelsea, who has over 74,000 followers through her Instagram @theorganisingplatform.

With the kitchen the heart of many Australian homes, Chelsea has revealed her simple steps to set up a stylish and functional kitchen pantry!

Chelsea’s top five tips for pantry organisation success

  1. Start by sorting: Put your belongings into categories of what you need, use and love! Once you have decluttered your space, then you can put your time, effort and energy into planning how to best organise the area ensuring that functionality comes first.  
  2. Only buy what you need! If you always hit the shops with a detailed list of what you need for the week ahead, then you’ll never end up with an out of control pantry that drives you crazy. Take it a step further and order your groceries online! You will save a small fortune over the course of a year.
  3. Use vertical storing: Items like chopping boards, baking trays and pot lids are great for this. Not only does it make it easier to access these tricky pieces, you’ll also find it much more effective at keeping your drawers or cupboards tidy while avoiding an avalanche when you’re pulling out a specific item.
  4. Never underestimate a simple label: Dedicating a home in your pantry for the groups of items you need to store (such as baking, condiments, breakfast etc) will make it easier for the whole family to find what they’re looking for. It will also encourage them to return it to the right spot – all members of the household play a part in keeping the pantry tidy and organised!
  5. Daily maintenance: Once you’ve organised your pantry space in a way that works for you and your family, it should take minimal effort to return each item to its dedicated home. However, life can get busy so try meal planning weekly – this ensures you’re consuming the food items you already own, cuts down on waste and helps you maintain a well-balanced diet.

Research source: Independent research conducted by Honeycomb Strategy on behalf of The Kitchen Collective, interviewing a nationally representative sample of 1,027 Australians (April 2020).