Turn your kitchen into the ultimate dining space

In times gone by, the formal dining room was the primary entertaining space, where families and friends came together to share stories over supper. However, as life became busier and distractions such as radios, TVs, computers and phones became more popular, society moved away from eating together and the dining room soon became redundant.

This shift, as well as an embrace of more casual dining situations, has seen open-plan living and multi-purpose spaces dominate new homes, with kitchens becoming the backdrop for dinner parties.

With this in mind, turning your kitchen into the ultimate dining space has become more important than ever. The right style and design can set the tone for the entire experience, while also providing a more informal space during the week for family breakfasts and relaxed lunches.

A kitchen island is just one way to do this, introducing bench space that can be utilised in a wide range of ways. From additional preparation space, to hosting canapés and champagne, or even the dinner itself, it can be adapted to suit any occasion with the addition of seating. How you style your island depends completely on your personal preferences – will it be contemporary or more of a family-style look?

You can build on this with the inclusion of a built-in dining table. It saves space, but also allows for easy entertaining – you can interact with guests while preparing drinks or parts of the meal and they can feel involved in the experience, rather than shut away in another part of your home.

Outside of these features, there are also smaller design elements that help to transform your kitchen into the ultimate dining space. Open shelving provides a space for small touches and accessories, including greenery and photos, while pops of colour in appliances and tapware, or new textures in the form of a bold splashback create points of visual interest.

We can help you transform your kitchen

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