The ultimate guide to quality cabinetry

Cabinetry is the foundation of any kitchen, forming the layout of your overall design while also offering extensive storage solutions. However, this doesn’t mean they are purely a functional element – the style of your cabinetry sets the tone for the kitchen as a whole, with variations in size, texture, colour and door profiles.

With endless possibilities, it can be difficult to know what is going to work for your space. Each type of material, style and feature has different benefits, so we’ve broken down just some of the options available.


Just like benchtops and appliances, there are plenty of options when it comes to luxury benchtop materials. From wood to metal, laminate to glass, each material offers a different look and feel.

Wood is one of the most common materials, as it’s non-toxic, renewable and can be treated to create a custom finish. The natural variation of wood adds a unique element to the finishes and can be adapted to both traditional and modern design styles. It’s easy to wipe down, but wood is vulnerable to dents and warping in moisture-rich environments.

Laminates are often presented as an alternative to solid wood, as they don’t have the same warping issues. Made with layers of plastic resin, patterned paper and a tough plastic film, laminates are pasted onto substrates such as plywood, particleboard and fibreboard, all of which are tougher than solid wood. It’s important to select high-pressure laminates for your kitchen, as they are more durable, moisture-resistant and sturdier than the low-pressure alternative. Laminates are affordable and versatile, meaning you can achieve almost any look. It doesn’t wear away, scratch or fade, making it the perfect option for a busy kitchen.  

If you’re after an industrial look, you may opt for metal cabinets to create a unique look. Metal is strong, durable, rust-resistant, heat-resistant and easy to clean, making for a low maintenance option. However, it isn’t as versatile as other options, or as affordable. Metal cabinets are also prone to scratches and dents, as well as oil smudges and fingerprint marks.


Once you’ve narrowed down the materials you’d like to feature, it’s time to think about the style you’d like to introduce. Your kitchen’s layout doesn’t need to directly correspond to the cabinetry style, but in some cases, they may work together. For example, a Hamptons or provincial-style kitchen may call for longer drawers and cupboards with shaker cabinetry. Alternatively, a galley layout may benefit from streamlined designs that emphasise space-saving, so a slab style may be more appropriate. But what exactly are these styles?


The Shaker style features solid painted wood cabinetry with a framed feature and veneered centre panel. They are often chosen for their elegant and timeless appeal and are incredibly versatile, accommodating a wide range of handles and colours.


The Flat style is a blank canvas – it features a smooth finish that can be adapted to suit the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. It’s a great option for a contemporary or Scandi style, as it helps to create a clean-lined façade, especially when handleless. This style also happens to be easy to clean and one of the more affordable options.

Tongue and Groove

Otherwise known as v-groove cabinets, tongue and groove consists of flat wood slats, joined together without nails or screws. Previously associated with cottage styles, it’s now been adopted by modern kitchens all over the world for its minimalist look and low maintenance approach. It suits both bold colours and neutral palettes, meaning whatever colour scheme your kitchen follows, the tongue and groove will never look out of place. 


Once you’ve established the materials and style your kitchen cabinets are going to take, it’s time to consider their features. These include full-extension drawer runners for full access, handles (bar, knob, decorative or other), soft-close hinges and runners to stop banging and damage to fingers and of course, inner storage solutions. Carousels for corner cupboards, pull-out pantries and built-in separators can all be installed to help organise your cabinetry in the best way possible.

We can help you bring your dream kitchen to life

If you’re not sure where to start with your luxury cabinetry, get in touch with the team at The Kitchen Collective. With a range of high-quality materials, styles and features on offer at their Mentone showroom, they’ll be able to explain and demonstrate each one so that you can create a space that enhances your lifestyle in every way possible.