Laundry Design Ideas for the Ultimate Transformation

The laundry is one of the spaces where small intelligent design changes can have the most impact, transforming the way you interact with the space and your home at large.

There are certain laundry design elements that can take your space from drab to dazzling, while also serving a practical purpose. Here are just a few of our favourite laundry room ideas.

Under-bench appliances

Counter space may not seem top of the list in laundry ‘must-haves’ but it can make a huge difference to how you use the space. Maximise the possible bench space you could have by placing appliances underneath, either integrated into the cabinetry, or left exposed.

A countertop opens up your storage options, as you can place laundry baskets and other smaller organisational tools on top, keeping laundry liquid and other commonly used materials nearby. It also introduces a folding station for all the clean clothes!

Built-in drying racks

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive – in fact, some of the most luxurious elements are those that make everyday tasks easier. One such example is a built-in drying rack. These can sit above benches, be mounted on the wall or pull out when required, but don’t take up space when not in use.

Hang up business shirts to dry before and after pressing, create a space for hanging up washing in wet weather and maintain the quality and integrity of your garments for longer. If you live in a particularly wet environment, heated drying racks can encourage quick drying without damaging your clothes.

Smart storage

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to laundry room storage. With an array of different-sized items needing a home in this space, it’s essential to have a range of solutions. For example, tall cupboards can accommodate brooms, an ironing board and a mop, while overhead cupboards create a closed-off zone for cleaning materials, keeping them out of reach from kids and animals.

Display or open shelving is also a great way to store items like linen, while also creating a canvas for greenery or other accessories. 

Sensational sinks

After a washing machine, the sink is arguably one of the most important elements in any laundry area, so investing in the right one can do wonders for transforming your space.

From hand-washing delicates, to cleaning the kids’ sporting equipment, a sink has to be able to withstand a huge range of activities without a second thought, so must be of the highest quality.

The exact style is dependent on the overall aesthetic of your laundry. Whether it’s a metal texture for an industrial look, or a deep farmhouse sink for a country or provincial theme, there’s a huge range out there to choose from, allowing you to create a designer laundry look that enhances your lifestyle.

We can help you design your ideal laundry

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