Laundries you want to spend time in

The laundry might not be the first room to come to mind when thinking about ‘luxury homes’. However, considering how often it’s used, it has been unfairly overlooked for far too long! With a little design-centric thinking, it can become a space you actually want to spend time in. 

The modern laundry

The days of the outhouse are long gone – these days, laundries can be as important as other areas of the home. They have also arguably moved past the idea of pure utility, with many recognising its potential beyond a home for a washing machine!

Innovative designs, both aesthetically and functionally, have pushed laundries to the same standard as bathrooms and powder rooms and in turn, proven to make a huge difference to everyday living.

Common features of the modern laundry include:

  • All laundry appliances, including washer and dryer
  • A sink for hand-washing and other relevant tasks
  • Storage (shelves, drawers, cupboards or a combination of all three) for household goods
  • Receptacles for dirty laundry
  • Counter space
  • Good lighting, both natural and artificial
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces

How this translates to your laundry completely depends on your personal preferences and how you’ll be using the space.

What constitutes good laundry design?

The design of any laundry must hit both function and form requirements, making the task of washing clothes both easy and enjoyable. Exactly what you include depends on your wants and needs, but here are common elements that appear across many laundries.

Smart storage

From cabinetry to shelving, introducing multiple storage options is essential to any good laundry design. Floor-to-ceiling options are common – either complete cabinets, or baskets on top of shelves, accessible using a stepladder.

Space savers

Forget air dryers taking up valuable living space – with a little forethought, you can wash and dry all your clothing in the one space. There are multiple solutions available: a pull-out drying rack, adjustable valet rods or hanging rods all offer drying space and with the right design, can be hidden when not in use. The same goes for items like a pull-out ironing board.

Clever countertops

Something as simple as a countertop can make a huge difference to how effective your laundry space is. From folding clothes straight out of the dryer, to quick access to detergents, they have the potential to open up your laundry, making it that much more effective.

Helpful hampers

The laundry hamper has had a makeover! If the clothes never seem to make it to the laundry, why not take the hamper to them? Hampers on wheels are both a stylish and practical addition to any laundry, and can slot in perfectly under a countertop. Alternatively, built-in hampers can be incorporated into your cabinetry, making sorting dirty clothes easier.

Easy maintenance

Of all the rooms in your home, the laundry needs to be one of the easiest to clean and maintain. This is especially important for countertops and cabinetry, so chosen materials should be easy to wipe and be resistant to bumps, scratches and marks. 

How to best style your laundry

While it may be primarily a utility space, this doesn’t mean you can’t inject some stylish touches into your laundry. How it looks will depend on your individual preferences, but there are common elements that can help bring your vision to life.

Alongside the kitchen and bathroom, the laundry is a ‘wet’ space – are there features from these other rooms that you could replicate in this area? This will create a sense of continuity and bring these distinct areas together visually. Artwork is another great way to visually unite the space, celebrating the existing colour scheme.

With no high foot-fall, the laundry is the perfect place to get creative with your flooring – a distinctive colour or pattern can add some personality, while also hiding any scuffs or marks. However, it’s important to choose a material that can withstand high moisture levels.

How you store your appliances will also depend on the desired aesthetic. If you’re after a contemporary or Scandi look, you may want to hide them behind cabinetry to maintain clean lines. In contrast, if it’s an industrial look, you may want to keep them exposed as a point of interest – especially if they are a standout colour!

Find more laundry inspiration

For more tips and tricks on designing and styling your laundry space, get in touch with the experts at The Kitchen Collective.