Kitchen designs that transform small spaces

Innovative kitchens don’t require huge amounts of space ­­– in fact, some of the most intelligent kitchen design features have been designed for smaller spaces.

With the right approach, your available square metreage shouldn’t matter. With the right high-quality suppliers, you can still enjoy a clever and chic kitchen that transforms the overall look and feel of your home. 


If your kitchen is on the outer edges of your home, a window splashback that looks over the outdoors is a fantastic way to create a sense of space.  It will make the space feel less claustrophobic and encourage the illusion of additional room. It’s also easy to clean and heat resistant, making for a low maintenance option.

If your kitchen is situated internally, a mirrored splashback will have a very similar effect to windows, reflecting light and adding depth to make the space appear much larger than it is.

Euro laundry

In continental Europe, it’s common to have a washing machine in the kitchen, either hidden by cabinetry or on full display. If you don’t have a lot of room for your kitchen and laundry, why not do as the Romans would and combine the two? By removing the need for a separate laundry, you can re-allocate this space to your kitchen, giving you more space to work with. After all, you use your kitchen more often than you would a laundry, so why not have your space reflect this?

Space savers

Small kitchens need to take advantage of every single centimetre, so installing the right storage solutions is more important than ever. If you’re short on counter space, consider installing a butcher’s block board into the top drawer of your cabinetry. Pull it out when you need it, wipe it down and then pop it away when you’re done to open up the space once more.

If you have corner spaces, don’t set yourself up for digging around in unseen corners for pots and pans. Instead, opt for a clever pull-out drawer that neatly holds whatever you need it to. The same principle applies to pantries – a narrow pull-out pantry is a fantastic space-saving solution, providing a spot for all those staples and eliminating any dead space in your kitchen design.

In-built appliances

Appliances don’t need to sit on top of benches – in fact, in smaller kitchens, they should be in-built into your cabinetry. If your oven and microwave are in-built, you’ll immediately have more bench space for preparation or entertaining. A combined induction extractor hob is also an innovative solution for smaller kitchens – it means you can lose a bulky extractor hood and instead install additional storage options.

Overhang benchtops

One of the first things to go in a smaller kitchen is an island. Address this by introducing an overhang benchtop that can also double up as a prep area and an eating or entertaining space. Paired with backless stools that can be tucked under when not in use, this additional surface becomes the perfect spot for friends to sit at while you cook or for the kids to do their homework.

In-built dining table

For a larger space-saving solution, combine the kitchen and dining room with an in-built dining table. You’ll then negate the need for a separate dining space, and just like the laundry, give yourself more room to work with within an open-plan living space. It also makes entertaining easier, allowing you to look after guests while also overseeing any food preparation.

We can help you design your dream kitchen

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