Don’t Regret Skimping on These 5 Things in Your Kitchen Reno

When it comes to building a new kitchen, it can be tempting to opt for the cheaper option in order to keep costs down. However, there are certain elements where investing in high-quality materials can make a huge difference to the end product and your lifestyle moving forward. Here are the five things for your kitchen renovation that you should not skimp on.


Taps are one of the most used elements of any kitchen, so it’s important the materials you choose are of the highest standard.

There are multiple moving parts within a tap that are prone to breaking down, chipping, rusting or scratching over time, so to reduce the chances of regular maintenance and replacements, you will need to invest in options from a brand that guarantees scratch resistance and leakproof technology. 


Kitchens that are built to last need quality appliances that stand the test of time. This means choosing reputable brands that are both functional and work with your kitchen’s aesthetic.

For example, a family kitchen will require lots of storage and cooking space, so consider a double fridge and oven, as well as integrated appliances to save on bench space. A high-quality rangehood will also make a huge difference to your everyday cooking, reducing smoke and odour.

In addition, repairing in-built appliances is costly so you will save yourself time and money in the long run by investing in a quality product initially.

Under-cabinetry lighting

Your lighting design makes a huge difference to both the functionality and form of your kitchen design, making it one of the elements that you shouldn’t be skimping on. One key example is under-cabinetry lighting, which works to eliminate shadows and creates the illusion of a larger and more expansive space.

It also makes meal prep a safer and easier experience, as you’ll be able to see everything you’re doing clearly.

Clever cabinetry

Storage is a key aspect of any innovative kitchen, so it’s essential to invest in kitchen cabinets that enhance your everyday experience. Opting for drawers in awkward corners will open up that otherwise unused space for larger items, while soft-close cupboards will reduce the chances of damage to little fingers and the contents held in them.

Deep-set and full-extension drawers are also a fantastic example of worthwhile investments, as they reduce the risk of pantry staples and equipment being forgotten about and provide comprehensive storage solutions.


Countertops can set the tone for your entire kitchen, so they aren’t an aspect you want to cut corners on. Understanding exactly how you’ll be using your kitchen and what role you’d like your countertops to play will guide you in which material you choose. 

Laminate is the most affordable option on the market, and is incredibly versatile, but doesn’t fare well under heat.

Timber and engineered stone are slightly more expensive but aren’t as vulnerable to temperature extremes and in some cases, are more durable.

Finally, the unique nature of stone can make it a eye catching feature in any kitchen. It’s also naturally heat-resistant and doesn’t conduct heat, which helps to keep your kitchen cool all year long.

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